Bruce published an article where he gives us a summary of the NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration) report on Mobile App Competition.

The question now is whether Apple will do the right thing, or seek to hurl lawyers with procedural arguments at it instead, as they're doing in the UK now.

But for every month they delay, they earn a fortune; it's estimated that Google pays Apple $20 Billion to be the default search engine in Safari, and the App Store earned Apple $72.3 Billion in 2020.

Apple's App Store revenue is ~ $72.3 billion, of which they tax app developers between 15% and (likely more often) 30%. If we assume Apple always takes the full 30%, they would receive just shy of $21.7 billion. Apple would still need some of that money to pay for the operating costs of the App Store.

The $20 billion from Google is likely almost all profit.

That's 11% of Apple's yearly profit for doing nothing except banning their competitors from iOS 🤯

Browser ban = higher market share for safari = Google search engine revenue

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