Apple loses on Appeal, CMA can restart investigation into browsers

In a victory for consumers and developers, London's Court of Appeal has ruled against Apple and in favour of the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), allowing the CMA to reopen their Browser and Cloud Gaming Market Investigation Reference. This is important as, Apple has effectively banned third party browsers via their 2.5.6 rule: 2.5.6 Apps that browse the web must use the appropriate... Continue reading

OWA submits response to EU DMA investigation into Apple iPadOS

As the EU further rolls out the Digital Marketing Act, they have designated a variety of companies and their platforms as “Gatekeepers”. You can see the complete list of Gatekeepers and some really useful explainers on what being a Gatekeeper means on the EU’s very informative website. Now that Gatekeepers have been designated, the companies that operate those services have had the opportunity to... Continue reading

Why is browser choice vital for the future of the Open Web?

OWA’s key goal is to enable true competition and browser choice across all devices. But, why do we care so deeply about this, and what would success look like? # Cost Currently, businesses that want to grow across many markets must develop not only a good website, but also native apps for any platforms they want to reach that don’t have modern browser features available. Additionally, deriving... Continue reading

News from the NTIA report on mobile app ecosystems

Bruce published an article where he gives us a summary of the NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration) report on Mobile App Competition. The question now is whether Apple will do the right thing, or seek to hurl lawyers with procedural arguments at it instead, as they're doing in the UK now. But for every month they delay, they earn a fortune; it's estimated that Google... Continue reading

Australian Government considering ACCC proposed anti-competitive conduct legislation changes

G'day, sport! Bruce here, with an update on progress we've made down under with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). ACCC published a Digital Platform Services Inquiry Discussion Paper (PDF) which has great news for competition in browsers and web apps. They propose: Reversing the Apple browser ban Requiring equivalent access to hardware and software Allowing web apps to... Continue reading

OWA updates on progress with UK and EU digital competition regulations

Howdy, Bruce here, with an update on progress we've made in both the EU and with the UK's competition regulator, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). # Browser engines on the agenda We've had encouraging success at putting browser engines on the regulators' agenda. While rendering engines seem a pretty esoteric subject, it's of paramount importance: Apple has done a great job concealing... Continue reading

OWA response to the CMA interim report

The CMA invited responses to its interim report. You can read our response with suggested browser and web-app remedies (PDF). Download response # 2. Introduction We agree overwhelmingly with the findings of fact and, with comments, agree that the proposed interventions contained within the CMA’s December 14th, 2021 “Mobile ecosystems market study interim report” are both warranted and timely. iOS... Continue reading