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Open Web Advocacy is a not-for-profit organization made up of a loose group of software engineers from all over the world, who work for many different companies who have come together to fight for the future of the open web by providing regulators, legislators and policy makers the intricate technical details that they need to understand the major anti-competitive issues in our industry and potential ways to solve them.

Stuart Langridge and Bruce Lawson were interviewed for a piece in The Register – Web devs rally to challenge Apple App Store browser rules, and we have listed coverage on our press page.

A number of our contributers wish to remain private as they are concerned that publicly confronting gatekeepers will cause issues with their jobs or businesses.

Please note that contributions by individals do not necessarily reflect an endorsement by their employers.

  • Alex Moore (Australia🇦🇺, UK🇬🇧)

    OWA Executive Director, Web Developer, Small Business Owner

  • Feross Aboukhadijeh (USA🇺🇸)

    Founder & CEO, Socket Security, Wormhole, Visiting Lecturer, Stanford University

  • Thomas Allmer (Austria🇦🇹)

    Senior Web Application Developer, Web Components

  • Dion Almaer (USA🇺🇸, UK🇬🇧)

    #TeamWeb whether working at Google, Mozilla, or Shopify

  • John Allsopp (Australia🇦🇺)

    Web Directions Conference Organizer, Author

  • Andy Bell (UK🇬🇧)

    Designer, Front-End Developer, Agency Founder

  • Ashley Beshensky (USA🇺🇸)

    Graphic Designer, OWA Logo

  • Steven Beshensky (USA🇺🇸)

    Web Developer

  • Dan Brown (UK🇬🇧)

    Full Stack Web Developer

  • Owen Buckley (USA🇺🇸)

    Independent (Open Source) Software Developer, Speaker / Writer, and Entrepreneur

  • Kushal Dave (USA🇺🇸)

    CTO / Engineer, Past: Scroll (acq Twitter), Foursquare, Google

  • Jesper van den Ende (Netherlands🇳🇱)

    Game Developer, Developer of

  • Maximiliano Firtman (Argentina🇦🇷)

    Web App Expert, Author, Trainer & Conference Speaker

  • Roderick Gadellaa (Netherlands🇳🇱)

    Designer, Front-End Developer, iOS Safari Expert

  • Thomas Güttler (Germany🇩🇪)

    Software Engineer

  • Scott Jenson (USA🇺🇸)

    UX Designer (Apple, Google, Symbian)

  • Chris Lacy (Australia🇦🇺)

    Link Bubble creator, Native and Web App Developer

  • Stuart Langridge (UK🇬🇧)

    W3C Invited Expert, Mobile Web App Specialist, Consultant

  • Bruce Lawson (UK🇬🇧)

    W3C Invited Expert, Accessibility Expert, Ex-Deputy CTO of Opera Browser

  • Michaela Merz (USA🇺🇸, Germany🇩🇪, Switzerland🇨🇭)

    Lead developer of Packfrog

  • Danny Moerkerke (Netherlands🇳🇱)

    PWA/Web Components Specialist, Creator of

  • James Moore (Australia🇦🇺, UK🇬🇧)

    OWA Regulatory Submissions, Web App Developer

  • Vincent Morneau (Cananda🇨🇦)

    Oracle, Principal Member of Technical Staff, Mobile and PWA Strategy Lead

  • Tim Perry (Spain🇪🇸)

    Creator of HTTP Toolkit

  • Thomas Powell (USA🇺🇸)

    Lecturer of Computer Science at UCSD, Founder, and creator of ZingChart and ZingGrid.

  • Benny Powers (Cananda🇨🇦, Israel🇮🇱)

    Principal UX Engineer, Red Hat

  • Angela P. Ricci (Brazil🇧🇷, France🇫🇷)

    Web Designer and front-end developer, working for an accessible web

  • Daniel Roe (UK🇬🇧)

    Core Team, Nuxt

  • Jonathan Rowley (UK🇬🇧)

    Web Developer

  • Runos (France🇫🇷)

    UI/UX Developer, iOS Safari Expert

  • Yuya Saito (Japan🇯🇵)

    Web Developer, Technical Translation

  • Christian Schaefer (Germany🇩🇪)

    Senior front-end developer, podcaster, meetup and conference organizer, lecturer

  • Isaac Z. Schlueter (USA🇺🇸)

    NPM Inventor

  • Dan Shappir (Israel🇮🇱)

    W3C Invited Expert, Performance Expert, Host of Javascript Jabber

  • Alistair Shepherd (UK🇬🇧)

    Lead developer at Series Eight

  • Paul Trifa (Romania🇷🇴)

    Senior FE Architect and Tech Lead

  • Andre Wiggins (USA🇺🇸)

    Web Developer

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