Apple backs off killing web apps, but the fight continues!

Immediate Action Needed!

Apple has officially announced that they are attempting to kill web apps in the EU, which will have ramifications worldwide.


We need immediate support from web developers and businesses that operate online in the EU. The European Commission needs to hear from YOU to understand the devastating impact Apple’s new ban will have on your livelihoods, businesses and customers.

To facilitate this, please sign our open letter so that we can understand the scale of the impact and provide it to the European Commission in a single large submission.

If you ship a Web App in the EU and will be impacted by this, please sign our open letter to Tim Cook. It is critical that we gather as much evidence as possible to prevent Apple from breaking Web Apps in the EU.

Are you established in the EU and have an Apple Developer Account?

If you are, we encourage you to write directly to Apple to request preservation of the existing functionality that allows Safari and other iOS browsers to add Web Apps to the home screen, allows them to run in top-level activities (not in tabs), integrates with iOS settings and permissions, enables Push Notifications and homescreen icon badging, allows persistent storage, and to run fullscreen.

Submit your interoperabilty request to Apple

What’s happening?

Apple have announced a series of changes designed to comply with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act.

Throughout this process, they’ve chosen to maliciously comply as much as possible, resulting in a series of decisions meant to cripple the ability for anyone to compete on their platform outside of their App Store.

You can read more about the changes they’ve made in these two blog posts:

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